French 8 day Morbier clock of Louis XV. period, 8 day string wound movement with verge escapement, folded pendulum with a plomb bob, half and full hour striking on bell, rack striking system, no repetition of full hour which normally is typical for Morbier clock but not for very early ones, slightly double shaped enamel dial with Roman hour and Arabic minute numerals, hand sawn brass hands as well as hand sawn brass head piece and corner decorations.

Measurements of the clock:height x width x depth:

Movement cage: 22,7 cm x 21,7 cm x 14 cm

Clock case: 33 x 21,7 x 15 cm, total height of clock:156 cm

Dial diameter: 21,5 cm, length of pendulum: 156 cm.

This clock was made approx. 1760/65.

During restoration head piece and4 corner decorations, weightsand pendulum are replaced by repro-parts. Half of hour hand is replaced. All other parts of this clock originally fit together.

Price upon request. 

1. Gesamtansicht frontal
2. Gesamt frontal seitlich
3. Gesamt mit Gew.u.P
4. Werk frontal
5. Gehwerk
6. Schlagwerk
7. Gehwerk
8. Schlagwerk
9. Zifferblatt-teil
10. Zeiger

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